Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Mess Up!

Isn't this our New Year? Why am I feeling so detached from it? Did not we use to get excited and run around and ask for more Eidi from our maman Joun! What is it that we are not even feeling to complete all of our 7 sins for the Sofre! We had only 6 Sins (Ss) this year, which we ended up having it two days after the Eid!!!

The only attempt I made to celebrate the Eid was to free up my self from school for a day and watched 4-5 Woody Allen's!!! I love this man! Is not he the greatest of his kind? Do not you fall for New York and somewhat Paris after watching only one of his videos? It is frankly the same story in all his films. It is him, a woman and a shrink, all in NY and sometimes in Paris! I am sort of falling for him as well. He is so genious and brilliant to vividly project his critiques and words on the contemporary life. Je l'adore!

Roshanak is here with us for a day. She is finalizing her report for the funders of her research. You know, she is modelling the, I do not know some sort of micro-pollutants of the Bay of Quinte South of Kingston. She is in need of some inspiration and energy to warp it up, although she is now a head of her depressing status but could you come up with some thing exciting for her?
Farnoush is now in the kitchen and slicing the damn smelly Pizza. We will have it in less than five min. I should go. I should conclude that I made a special Pizza, a small piece for myself, with pineapple and chocolate with hotdog and muchrooms!!!! Such an innovation.

By the way Farnoush has got a job at Paragon Systems, where she tests all kinds of metals and joints used in Auto industry. She leaves home when I am deep sleep at 6:30 and returns home after 7-8 pm.

Happy New Year to all Bloggers and Blog readers!!!