Thursday, April 28, 2005

If we are changing anything!

Today I met the BBC Persian crew who are publicizing our (Tehrantonians') experience of blogging and exploring how we perceive our action and whether it does influence Iranians in and out of the country. Nazli, NikAhang, Bahman, Sabereh and some other friends made the circle and each reflected on our thoughts on blogging loudly.
I liked Behzad and Mr. Jami (the BBC guys); they were knowledgeable, cool and knew what they were doing.
Despite all the efforts out-of-Iran bloggers make, I believe blogging for the serious bloggers is as Woody Allen puts it a kind of "Intellectual Masterbation"! Not that nothing is wrong about it but we should not imagine this experience beyond what it actually is.

Having said that, I also believe reading each other's thoughts through this virtual medium is a great gift of Technology. I am also confident that blogging is changing us, the bloggers, much more than the readers.

So: From the motivation to designing, to planning, to implementing and to monitoring a personal weblog, I would like to ask bloggers to reply to the following questions.

1- What motivated you?
2- How did you come up with your plan?
3- What do you write on and why?
4- If your weblog evolved from "A" to"B"?
5- How do you monitor it?
6- Did you learn at all through the process? If so, besides from the technology aspects, do you notice that you have other kinds of learnings?

These are some questions that help facilitate the debate on the topic.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and through an analysis, together we could develop an understanding of this new techno-social phenomenon and its broader impact upon us, the bloggers.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Two teenager girls in Iran killed by...

Sad but real short stories of two teenager girls who were killed in our society called Iran:

One is killed by her own cousin after she rejected his request to marry him, she was choked to death, he used her own scarf (Hijab) as she had it on to (islamically speaking!) prevent the rise of his sexual evil at the moment! He was later sentenced for three years (!) in prison.

The other shaved her long hair to look like a priviliged boy, she was, then, permitted to accompany her dad and join the masculine crowd to watch the Iran-Japan soccer game in the stadium. Leaving the place her father lost her hand, she fell down; Yes she was killed by all these masculine feet rushed over her tiny body! At the same time and from a sperate exit, Japanese women left in peace.

Source: Shargh

مردى كه دختر دايى ۱۵ ساله خود را به دليل رد پيشنهاد ازدواج به قتل رسانده بود، به سه سال حبس محكوم شد.قاضى نو رالله عزيز محمدى رئيس شعبه ۷۱ دادگاه كيفرى استان تهران و چهار مستشارش پس از محاكمه قاتل با توجه به اعلام رضايت اولياى دم، منوچهر (قاتل) را به سه سال حبس محكوم كردند.منوچهر پس از شنيدن جواب رد براى ازدواج با دختر دايى ۱۵ ساله خود به نام حكيمه او را با روسرى اش خفه كرد
سر تراشيد، دامن در شلوار كرد تا نه بى جا كه بجا در سكوهاى جنسيت بنشيند!
پدر در آينه نگاهش كرد، دختر چه مردى شده بود براى ميدان هاى مردانه
توپ مى چرخيد و «بهناز» مى چرخيد، هورا ايران، هورا وطن آه... دنياى پسرانه چه زيباست، كنار مردان در سكوهاى الفت نشستن و پرچم هاى وحدت چرخاندن و ميدان ها را با شعار عاطفه پرشور كردن، هورا ايران، هورا وطن.
همپاى كريمى ها و هاشميان ها و مهدوى كياها و دايى ها پا به پا در ميدان بودن چه زيباست.
زندگى در كت و شلوار چه مردانه است، چه آسان مى توان در سكوهاى سرد، گرم شد و فوتبال را در گرماى ميدان ها به فرياد كشيد، هورا ايران، هورا وطن.
در گلوى زخم خورده بهناز ايران همچنان ايران است و بهنازهاى ديگر در پشت حصار ميدان ها جامانده هايى به تقصير. به تقصير از جنسيت خويش كه تا شلوار به پا نكنى و كت نپوشى مرد نيستى، مرد ميدان ها و مرد ديدن مردان وطنت در ميدان ها!
پرده مى افتد، بازى تمام مى شود و صحنه خالى و بهناز كه مردترين مرد ميدان است بر زيرپاى هزاران مرد له مى شود.
يكى بود يكى نبود، دخترى بود ۱۳ ساله كه مى خواست فوتبال را در ميدان ها ببيند، درها بسته بود، پدر با سر قيچى قفل ها را باز كرد، گيسوى دختر را بريد و شلوار به پايش كرد و از درها گذشت.
۹۰ دقيقه از ۱۳ سال زندگى چه شيرين بود و در پايان سنگينى دلهره بر قلب رنجور پدر.
نه ديگر توپى و نه ميدانى و نه هياهويى، بهناز در اغماست، همين و تمام.