Thursday, April 28, 2005

If we are changing anything!

Today I met the BBC Persian crew who are publicizing our (Tehrantonians') experience of blogging and exploring how we perceive our action and whether it does influence Iranians in and out of the country. Nazli, NikAhang, Bahman, Sabereh and some other friends made the circle and each reflected on our thoughts on blogging loudly.
I liked Behzad and Mr. Jami (the BBC guys); they were knowledgeable, cool and knew what they were doing.
Despite all the efforts out-of-Iran bloggers make, I believe blogging for the serious bloggers is as Woody Allen puts it a kind of "Intellectual Masterbation"! Not that nothing is wrong about it but we should not imagine this experience beyond what it actually is.

Having said that, I also believe reading each other's thoughts through this virtual medium is a great gift of Technology. I am also confident that blogging is changing us, the bloggers, much more than the readers.

So: From the motivation to designing, to planning, to implementing and to monitoring a personal weblog, I would like to ask bloggers to reply to the following questions.

1- What motivated you?
2- How did you come up with your plan?
3- What do you write on and why?
4- If your weblog evolved from "A" to"B"?
5- How do you monitor it?
6- Did you learn at all through the process? If so, besides from the technology aspects, do you notice that you have other kinds of learnings?

These are some questions that help facilitate the debate on the topic.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and through an analysis, together we could develop an understanding of this new techno-social phenomenon and its broader impact upon us, the bloggers.

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