Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And blogging prevails!

The story of under the azure dome is over! It fully occupied all my life for the last two months. My supervisor caught me emailing, writing, printing festival stuff!!! If he was not Daniel from Argentina, I would be kicked out of school by now!

On the very moment of Eid, bunch of us who were trucking back festival stuff rushed to Arash and Ida's place and saluted the moment by strong whiskey shots! A memorable Sal-tahvil!

I could claim that we had a successful festival with over 20,000 visitors. Although problems occured but they got resolved through civil behavior and respect. More to come!

It is now my first day back at the library! lots to do, the tenants election is in two weeks and my questionnare is not ready. I am behind for my interviews and many more.

Thanks to all toronto-iranians who proudly celeberated Nowruz, I am happy to live in this vibrant city of Toronto, check here to see why Sima is also happy to live in Berkely and not LA!