Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Under the Azure Dome

The Azure Dome is a dome where all the Iranian myths live and flourish.
It is the name of our Festival in March 2006. Read the report.
We are hoping to have the support of the Tehrontonians for this magnificent event.


jennie697kasandra said...

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majid zavari said...

Ba salam
Khoshhal mishavam ta dar ayande ba ham dar ertebat bashim
Dar sorate tamayol az maghalat e man didan konid va khoshhal mishavam agar nazaretan ra dar morede anha benevisid
Ba tashakor
Majid zavari

Helia said...

Behrang jan,

Have you heard about this?

What can we do here?

Please spread the news and ...


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Margaret said...

I can't wait, my daughter Shirin will be dancing in this festival with the Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre company that includes some other very dedicated York University dancers. Don't miss them!

~pround stage mother

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