Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To Become Canadian?!

I filed an application, took the exam, made the oath and will have a Canadian passprt in 10 days. Canadian passport is the best traveling document, the Judge said this morning at the ceremony. He himself had two of them! Like most of the other Canadians.

The first holy places to explore are NY, D.C. preceded by Mexico! See you in January!

Are we now citizens of nations? Or villagers of the globe? Except the fact that it eases our travels, what does becoming Canadian mean?


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Hassanali Namazi said...

This is great! Congrats! But as an advice from an oldi guy, please take care of that young relative of yours, Bahman Kalbasi, He is soooo naiive but does a little bit of harto-poort some tomes. I hope you are not hurt, but that is true.

Thanks for reading my comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came to regist for little black fish to write my travel journey but I see you got it first. well I don't know if you made it to USA but if you come to DC let me know. Do u know any one here? I live in the suburb of DC and if you made it here I can perhaps show you a little bit of around or go for a coffee chat.
HolyMaryam (baranbahari@yahoo.com)

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margaret said...

Congratulations on the citizenship! I don't have anything profound to say. I was born here, 4th generation... traced back to Ireland, Scotland, and England. Strangely enough I have an Iranin birth certificate (that states I was born in St. Catharines Ontario) and citizenshipship after changing my religion, name, filing an application, swearing an oath... All this I did to obtain the best travelling document to visit Iran and make other people happy. My Canadian identity is linked to the rugged unpopulated northern land that I rarely have time to visit... since I'm a serf tied to the city. Personally I don't have a strong emotional connection to this country but I'm proud of it in a will-never-be-caught-dead-waving-a-flag kind of way. THe only thing I can suggest to you would be that we all try to make the myth that we are international peace makers a reality.

Winston said...

And will you go to the States as some one who hates the USA?


Webmonger said...

Hmm,how the judge has two canadian passports?.
Anyway,happy Canadian citizenship.

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