Saturday, December 25, 2004

On Christmas Day

Turkey is indeed becoming our Christmas food these years! After having an aunt-cooked turkey and a nice big Nan Khameiee (one of those Ghatebe! liked to have!) I went back to the book, I am now reading "مشروطه ایرانی" by Ajoudani. Beyond its intended scope, you can easily find references to examine the structural role of Ayatollahs in impeding the intelectuals' endeavors for reform in Iran, esp in brining about fundamental changes to the education system. I strongly recommend reading this book to all the friends who would like to understand the intellectual background of Constitutional Revolution in Iran. Any comment on this book and its author?

When clock hit 5 am I went to bed. At around 12, Farnoush and I set out an exploratory journey to see the small towns around Toronto. We started from Vaughn, then Brampton, Georgetown, Acton, Guelph and Aberfoyle before heading back to downtown Toronto from Dundas West. It was an incredible short trip with a major problem! We found absolutely nothing to entertain our hunger! I am not sure why the day after Jesus transformed into a humane shape, no one is allowed to have food out of home!

Thanks God to Bahman! He is inviting us for another Turkey chez Bruce! We will enjoy their company for this welcoming dinner and then we all join the rest of the crew (بچه های خوابگاه چارلز) to take as many shots as we missed having during those days in خوابگاه صنعتی در اصفهان

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