Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cultural Revolution in Iran?

A short reality joke on post-revolution Iran

A man wanted to buy some soap. He was told to go buy it at the neighborhood mosque.
The man replied, "But the mosque is for praying. So then where are the prayers held?"
He was told, "Prayers are held in the university now."
The man answered, "But universities are for studying. So then where are the teachers and students?"
He was told, "The teachers and students are in prison now."
The man answered, "But prisons are for ruthless criminals. So then where are the criminals?"
He was told "The criminals are in power now."

I honestly cannot understand those who took them a decade or so to realize it is the criminals who held onto power in Iran after 1360 (1980).

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Anonymous said...

It's very pessimistic view on waht is going on in iran.Maybe we dont like IRI but we cant say that all in power they are criminals . yes many criminals are in power but it's international phenomena