Sunday, May 15, 2005

شعور دموکراسی

مدتی است که میخوام درباره شاخصهای شعور دموکراسی در یک سیستم مدعی اصلاحات دموکراتیک بنویسم. اما این درس لعنتی نمیذاره!
تشویق و هدایت و تقویت برنامه های محلی دموکراسی شاید اولین شاخص ارزیابی باشه! آخه مردم ما کجا باید تمرین کنند کجا باید یاد بگیرند شدن یک شهروند مدرن را؟

Imagine there exists a wonderful consititution installed in Iran. Will this on its own democratize our paternalistic culture?
We need local practices of people getting together and make collective decisions on their own livelihood affairs. Of course, the attempt to change the constitution and even better change the damn regime in Iran is the sweetest dream in my life, but we could, within this dark and desparate times allocate our resources to strengthen the bases of local democracy in Iran.
How much of the Reformist agenda reflected this approach? I believe they could have done so much in relation to local practices of democracy without tickling the evil supreme leader. Here, it is well-emphasized that town-hall meetings have been the foundation of today's democracy.

With no practices of petit democracy! Where the hell people could learn that they should respect each other's views and that diversity as existed should be respected and that there are various realities and that there is no one truth!

شاید برای همین هست که حتی روشنفکر های ما هم نمیتونند با هم و در کنار هم در یک تصمیمگیری جمعی شرکت کنند. چون هرگز کار مشارکنی نکردند

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KL said...

I found your blog and have been reading it. You've a very nice blog. About town hall meeting - if too much town hall meetings are held where politics, current regime, etc, are discussed and criticized, is it not true that the Revolutionary Guard or Basiji, whatever they are called, will come down to arrest people? I'm sorry to ask such a question, but I've very curios to know.

I've found that you've asked many questions about blogging and being a blogger. I guess those questions must be for Iranian bloggers?