Monday, June 20, 2005

Do Not Take Me Wrong

My emphasis on NOT voting for Hashemi does not originate from my ignorance of the consequences of Ahmadinejad. I am well aware of the global crisis he will create!
My point is that Hashemi will not initiate any systematic organization to lead reform, he lacks the intellectual capacity to do so.
On the other hand, the painful crisis of Ahmadinejad might speed up a grassroots movement against the supreme and the structure of power. You know, in countries like ours, crisis might push up things for good. I am not promoting violance but I am confident that the ultimate right in Iran cannot govern and their own throne will cause their death. All this time, the more moderate and rational side of the regime have secured the right, its own chamber.
One last point is that they cannot push back semi-social freedoms-already achieved by women and youth- permanently.
Ahmadinejad will bring a new era and the new chance for the fight for freedom. Hashemi will provide another half-chance for the reformists and keep them in the domain of power. This trend will cause them keep detached from the grassroots and local affairs which to me is the cornerstone of commencing democratic reform.


Shahin said...

Baby u r still a revelutionary! I learned that you must choose when you have a chance to.Rafsanjani is not a reform leader but a break time in struggle for democracy! iranians are tired of all problems they face.this problems are not necessary political but they have political roots.Just imagine that after ahmadi nejad he will try to creat another north korea in iran.without any space for reformer activists to breath.there is a fair chance for this scenario.rising oil prices gives them necessary resources to recruite more basijies and to crack down every opposition.and who care they will bribe EU an US and that is the happy ending for fascists in iran

Anonymous said...

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