Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vote to Hashemi is a NO to Reform!

The results!!!! How close are we from the realities of everyday life of Iranian Non-Interneters!

Now Hashemi, NO NO NO NO. Although this old vulture has well acted and fooled people by showing rediculous images of him, talking with modern looking youth in a way that we realize he is perhaps different. But he is not. Exactly for the same reasons that Hashemi was boycotted this past friday, he should be again for the friday to come.
In the Ahmadi Nejad era, Ghalibaf and Larijani will be intellectuals!!! Ahmadi Nejad on the throne means the collapse of right in Iran. This will forever break up the right and isolate the very few honest (Ansar) companions of the supreme leader.
Those who voted for Ahmadi Nejad did so, because, in their view, he was at least honest and did not show a different picture of himself as others did. Ahmadi Nejad is a f... believer but looks more honest than the old wolf, Rafsanjani!!!
Although I believe Ahmadi will ruin the country but this will be short time and the crisis will shoot them out of the power forever. Rafsanjani will not initiate any true reform and will constanslty but silently bite the soul of this land.

No To Rafsanjani!!!

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