Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I will not vote but this is only personal!

On this Friday (June 17, 2005) Iranians should express themselves through action or inaction. Either is respected as long as one spends enough time and thought to review the principles and evaluate the consequences. It is exactly the principles that inhibit me from voting but it is exactly the consequences that I have encouraged the youth to vote for Moeen.

I have personal problems with Moeen and the majority of his supporters who have for long tasted power within the domain of Islamic Regime of Iran and have been involved in the first decade of tyranny in post-revolution
Iran, they have been among the main sources of oppression. But I also believe they have changed dramatically and now believe in some sort of weak democracy as long as it does not challenge their domestic and household rulings!
Unless Dr.Moeen, then the 28 year-old president of
Shiraz University, would not analyze his past and does not apologize from all the professors he expelled from the University simply because they were not revolutionists as he was then, I will not trust in him and his supporters. The irony is that it is Moeen himself who has changed and become one of the "others" (sort of).

At the same time, I also believe the presence of reformists in the Iranian politics will keep the environment a bit more friendly for the youth and social activists. Having said that from the bottom of my heart I believe their return to power will not guarantee any major success.
Any one movement promoting democracy, has no other path than local. It is through town hall meetings that endogenous democracy is born and nurtured. It is through education and public participation that the culture of democracy thrives. It is through practicing local democracy that people learn to become a citizen. If these are the indicators to evaluate, what are the achievements of the reform movement in the last eight year of
-Simply None!

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