Thursday, June 02, 2005

Election, Moeen and Others!

اگر معین تاکیدمی کرد که در صورت پیروزی در انتخابات شرایط باز نگری در قانون اساسی را فراهم می کند و همچنین وزرای اصلی کابینه را معرفی میکرد شاید بسیار بیشتر شانس داشت البته به شرطی که بر طبق ادعای خود ایشان را از بین دگر اندیشان بر می گزینید

Dr. Moeen could have had more chances to win if he would have claimed that he would facilitate a refrendum upon election! and even more so, if he would have introduced his cabinet before hand! so as to gain the trust of people like me who do not see why we should vote this time.

A friend of mine from Iran informed that the wealthier section of the society and the major owners of industries and engineering world believe that it is the EVIL, himself, who is believed to be the better choice to sustain stability!
I am sorry for Iran, myself and her daughters and sons if we are to see Hashemi on the throne once more.

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