Saturday, June 25, 2005

Old Shark Drowns The Dragon Flies! The Reform Rationalize!

It is true that the main opposition is the regime itself, Rafsanjani is now becoming one of them!

Now that all the reform is detached from power, it is time to learn, learning that all democracies commence from the root, from exactly where people live and work. Many friends laugh when I say democracy is at the local with national consequences. Democracy is a social and economic act with political effects. Political development is democratization of social and economic relations!

Now that you have to be housed again, you the official reformers, it is in the book, read, think and reflect. Review the UN documents on democratic intervention, study the successful development programs experienced by the world! Then write and get feedback! Spice up the development literature with some Persian taste! The world is much a head of us, simply because they think prior to action, because they pilot their proposals, write about them and reflect on the feedback! They praxis before final action!

Believe me the reformers lack the intellect for development, of any sort! This is what I have always cried out but Pro-reformer (as opposed to pre-reform) friends always satisfied themsleves with the foam not the taste!


Anonymous said...

I think we need to re-assess our understanding of iranian society.I am not familiar with the new trends in society.It's unbelievable that 17 million ppl vote for worst kind of backwards hizbollahi ideas.This results shows that religion is a very powerful factor specially among poor people .there are other factors for example how a populist propaganda can make people vote .vote for a.n and karubi shows that.the role tha basijis plays in this election must be analysed .

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