Thursday, January 20, 2005

A bit more on my learnings

After graduation, I was lucky enough to get an actual engineering career (unlike non-actual engineering jobs, recent immigrant engineers do in Canada) in a high-rise complex in the north of Tehran. The work hierarchy was as high as the building itself. I learned the politics involved in hierarchical technical jobs, where non-engineers are the ones who thoughtlessly should do the job, of course, how they have been told to be. I never enjoyed the opportunity of working with such a famous engineering team.
That is why I voluntarily rushed to UNICEF where I first found myself excited after so many years of being attached to so called "instrumental rationality", what modernization project left behind in my country.
My three years of rural development facilitation was the source of all kinds of aspirations and inspirations for the "critical rationality" side of the modernization coin. I was fully engaged in a participatory rural development project in five pilot areas, among them were nomads, herders, fishers, and peasants, surprisingly, none of us spoke the same language!

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Behrang: look at the SNOW!