Sunday, January 23, 2005

Why the hell diong a graduate degree?!!!

Having bored you with all these words on my political learning, simply, explains why I believe there is no choice other than expanding our boundaries, our critical understanding of the world. That is where I draw my mission as to help others learn from the life and the earth to ultimately remove the unfreedoms now exist in our tiny world. And now I am an immigrant, a newcomer, a FOB! wandering around at UofT in such a dream or peut-etre hope!
A doctoral research, although, would be lost or perhaps disregarded within the shelves and stacks of a library, but, arguably, reflects one’s endeavour to carve his/her definition of meaning onto the mind and soul of his/her future.
I chose to pursue doctoral studies, first, to experience, thus learn, the “critical rationality”, the Western fruit of thought, often lost in the midst of the oriental voyage of the modernization order. Second, to profoundly celebrate the salient turn in engineering of my life; defocusing from the science and techniques of “development” to engaging in the development of mindful arts and conscious comprehension of the term. Where else could have been more inspiring than the circle of scholars and students of OISE/UT and the Program in Planning? Third, I chose to pursue post graduate studies to expand my vision, systematically engender my talent and direct my aspirations to social change. In so doing, I am well aware of my insufficient knowledge of the subject and the language of the context. However, I am determined to progress; learning through the praxis of research is my goal and hope.


Hassanali Namazi said...

Diong? You have a typo in your title. Also you should try to write in more simple terms. Who is your audience? What makes you qualified to help others? How is it that you know something that others do not?

Anonymous said...

Please excuse him, he has denoted in "Spelling Errors" that it is not matter of how you write, act or mentor as long as you feel better, it will be alright!
He perhaps wants us not to forget the way khomeini used to talk, nonsense but still a lot of people could die for it.