Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Public discussion: an activity, which is social, intellectual and creative

Democracy is simply a model of governance by discussion. Values change in the process of discussion and decision making. Value formation is a social process involving public interactions. There is a crucial role of public interaction in the formation of values and ideas of justice. In the making of public policy the agency of the public has to be considered in different perspective. It seems necessary to create conditions for more informed understanding and enlightened public discussion.
Public policy has a role not only in attempting to implement the priorities that emerge from social values and affirmations, but also in facilitating and guaranteeing fuller public discussion. The reach and quality of public discussions can be helped by a variety of public policies, such as press freedom, media independence and enhancement of economic independence and other social and economic changes that help individuals to be PARTICIPATING citizens.

Amartya Sen, a liberal economist, in his influential book "Development As Freedom" chapter 12 brillianlty elaboarets on this, please read the book, strongly recommended for everybody esp liberals.

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