Sunday, January 16, 2005

More on Policitcal Learning; When I could cross the street on my own

In my formal education and through early years of school, I had no significant political learnings or better to say nothing considerable within the planned curricula:

Civic, religious, Persian literature and history courses were the formal sources of what I learned about politics. I learned about the legislation, executive, and legal pillars of the Islamic republic with the ayatollahs on top, representing God. Isn’t it funny? A Republic governed not by people but by God's reps, a very fundamental paradox in the very beginning of the constitution! I should say that the word republic is the result of the attempts made by many who actually influenced the power to defend democracy during the very first days of the revolution, of course, they were either escaped from the country or killed in the prisons later.
Our Persian literature is enriched with poetic stories. With no doubt the moral strength of such wordings have influenced and shaped my idealistic worldview.

In the early years of school, stories from Koran and Bible have inspired me, and I should confess that the traces are still there. It explains why I draw my utopian community with people of some sort of faith, an ultimate belief in human rights or goodness. I don't know something that you believe in wholeheartedly!!

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