Tuesday, January 04, 2005

On City Management Course

I am just back from a class on City Planning and Management. I simply chose to go there to check it out. The prof was an MBA professional planner who is remotely out of my academic world of radical adult education and community development.

I have taken more than enough courses and all these extra courses slow down my concentration on the damn thesis. But, you know I love to take courses! During a course, you talk, communicate, learn and meet new people. These, you never find while focusing on your research. It is solely a matter of individual endeavor. There is absolutely no social aspect to graduate research.

This is the reason and now I am very much tempted to take the course. He is different from all the other profs I ever had. He is one of the white males, consultant to many city governments worldwide. Sure, I will get other perspectives in his class. There is also a lot of role playing in his course. We will go through the whole City administration and will reflect on real policies and management practices.

Anyhow, I am planning to check this other course out tomorrow, it is on housing policy. I have heard the prof is excellent. Since I am also doing some research on Tenant Participation System in Toronto Community Housing Corporation this course might be helpful in giving some insights. You know for all these years in Canada, I only took courses on developing countries and development challenges wothin the Southern context. These other North-American centred courses might help in my future job search!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear black fish
black is for sure ,I dont know about fish but little doesn't seem a good word.any way may be it's some kind of virtual matters we cant understand.about ur course I hope it's not a kind of Math 2 course in IUT full of high class gals